What Does It Mean to Be a Left-Brained Tech Person?

Think of an Informational Technologies (IT) person in your head right now. 

Imagine them explaining how to fix your computer, or write a program, or configure  the systems in your office environment. Have you ever been frustrated with the way they communicate? Perhaps you felt some relief that you weren’t the one having to tackle the situation because just listening to them summarize the issue gave you a headache? 

Well, you aren’t alone. Which is why we at OneLeg are trying something different.

The typical order of operations when developing tech-based marketing is:

Company Lists Tech Problem → IT Team Develops Solution That Does Basic Task → Launch 

Most of the tech’s time is spent problem solving to make sure the system is working. Many, many trials later, the tech is relieved that what they implemented is meeting the requirements assigned by the company. There’s no room for creativity, no room for brainstorming different methods, and (frankly) no room for fun. How does this system run for the company? How does this system feel to a customer? As long as it’s not broken, it’s thought to be “fine”. This is part of the reason registering for things online can sometimes feel like a chore. Bottom line, you wouldn’t want this kind of Tech person communicating with your customers. That’s why IT is a different department from Marketing and Sales…but what if it wasn’t?

Enter the OneLeg Technical Team. We are not going to be writing programs for IBM, or developing software for Google…and we don’t want to! Our backgrounds are in Psychology, Marketing, Theater, Customer Service, Sales, and more. When we develop technology that supports a company’s marketing the first question asked is “will this be a good user experience?”. 

When playing a video game, do you feel like it’s a pain talking to the characters programed in? What makes that kind of bot different from a bot that can assist you with home improvement questions? If you’re answer is “because it’s not fun”, then we are already one step ahead of you.

Our Tech Team’s order of operations is:

Company Lists Tech Problem → We Learn About the Company + It’s Customer Base → Launch → Edit

Editing and updating technologies as users interact with it is imperative for making future marketing decisions, and ultimately saving money. The more data collected, the better decisions we can make to improve both user and the customer experience in the future. 


We are now profiling our users and serving them what THEY want. Creating technology that services THEIR needs the best. That’s what happens when you put the creativity back into tech creation.


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