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Home Improvement Marketing

Why keep doing what you always have done, and what your competitors do? Work with OneLeg and we will help create campaign ideas to differentiate your business and build disruptive, technology-enable communications to make your market take notice and engage.

Sales and Marketing Tech Stack Consultation

Whether you need to audit and develop your sales/marketing technology stack, or require an agency to fully integrate your technology platforms with your sales and marketing teams, OneLeg should be your first call. We are platform agnostic and only make recommendations that add value to your organization and help your business deliver a seamless customer experience.

Fractional Executive Leadership

OneLeg provides executive leadership through the experience and expertise gained over decades by its Technology, Marketing and Communications team members. From start-ups, to agencies to Fortune 50 companies–we have the know-how to help you get shit done for your company.

Public, Media and Influencer Relations

In addition to vast experience with traditional public and media relations, OneLeg knows how to harness the power of influencer marketing. Whether you’re looking for a community relations plan/campaign, seeking coverage from traditional media outlets or finding the most effective influencers out there to promote your products and services, we know how to make it happen.

Brand Development

OneLeg is a builder of brands. We work with all aspects of an organization’s business to ensure a consistent face of your company to your staff, customers, clients and stakeholders. We can help you develop a highly-effective marketing plan through a deep understanding of your constituents and your target market, which in turn achieves profit and maximizes your brand’s long-term potential.

Virtual and Live Events

Need help getting your brand message out to targeted customers through an event? Let OneLeg put our experience to work for you. Through staging webinars, real-time chats, virtual and live tradeshows and lead retrieval, we can give your messaging avenues of reach you never dreamed of.  Stand out, don’t just show up.


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