The Death of Canvassing is Imminent

We predict (and actually encourage) the Death of Canvassing for Leads

There’s a smarter, less costly, more effective solution

Are you still using a flip phone to run your business? Are you still sitting down to watch TV only when shows are broadcast? Are you still listening to your music on cassettes/CDs?

Then why are you still canvassing for leads?

Social selling is the new physical canvassing

Social Selling is not only the future—it’s here now and you need to learn to harness all it has to offer a home improvement services provider.

Irrespective of the current pandemic and the growing heightened focus on personal safety, many homeowners see a knock at their door as an annoyance and to many it is not welcome. For years now people have become much more reluctant to greet strangers at their front door. 

And even if you’re able to get a homeowner to talk to you on their property, the most likely thing they’ll do once the door closes (if they’re interested in the services you provide) is to check out your digital presence (website) and see what kind of reviews your business has earned. 

The pitfalls of physical canvassing for leads

Your company’s brand is only as strong, impactful and valued by customers as the last interaction someone experienced with it. Canvassing for leads is a highly intrusive, expensive way to go about potentially finding qualified customers.

Unless you–the owner of the business–is actually doing the canvassing, you don’t have much control over how your company is being represented by canvassers. They are notoriously nomadic. Their appearance and demeanor in front of prospects are out of your control. They usually have little training and/or knowledge of your offering and how it stands apart from competitors. And who knows what lies in their backgrounds? The lasting effect on your brand from a bad experience by a canvasser can have negative connotations for you and the entire home improvement sector for years to come. 

Social Selling – Hit Your Target Every Time

Here are few statistics to consider:

· 81% of homeowners research online before making contact with a provider

· An average of 10 reviews are read per inquiry

· Customers require an average of 7 interactions before being “sales ready”

· 88% of customers trust online reviews; and 

· 57% of customers will not work with a business with less than a 4-star average

At OneLeg, we detest marketing wastage.

Social Selling is all about finding your potential customers where they exist—in order to zero-in on the demographics you seek in future customers, and thus limit marketing waste. 

Your attention needs to be on cultivating social media sites and investing your marketing efforts 

on the social media platforms where people spend their time and trust to give them feedback on service providers. While some businesses see this as “free advertising”, it is anything but when done correctly. 

You must invest time and effort to make sure satisfied customers are posting reviews and ensuring customers with issues are contacting you to address concerns prior to airing their grievances for all to see. You also need to be cultivating good will, community involvement and sharing tips and information on how homeowners can make simple fixes on their own.  


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