This week, Congress passed an Asian Hate Crimes Bill, which the President signed yesterday. This is a great step in helping move the needle on how the public sees this issue and how Asians are treated moving forward. 

Rather than virtue signaling to show support for the Asian community during these troubling times, this (largely) bi-partisan move is a good next step to help protect our community, but let us be clear:

As a means for affecting change, this will only be effective if it becomes more than just a momentary response and develops into a full-blown movement. 

It is easy to show pseudo-outrage over the hateful and systemic problems that affect us. It is easy to tweet and cite hashtags in support of a tragedy.

Being supportive by gesturing on social media is not going to change a damn thing. Saying your “thoughts and prayers” are with us? This is as effective as wishing on a star that you win the lotto or praying for world peace. 

It is laughable.

It makes it more about you and less about the people who are suffering from it. 

It is easy to say and be supportive of things that affect people other than you. It is harder to actually do something about it help lead the charge of progress.

Making progress, I mean real progress that changes the lives of real people, comes from action. Plain and simple. 

You want to #StopAsianHate? Stop talking about it and being “in support” of it, and start doing things to help. Uplift Asians through simple action. Support Asian businesses. Hire Asians for key positions in your organization. Reach out to your Asian neighbors and learn about them, their families, their businesses and their cultures. Do not support those who try to convince you this is not an issue or that the media is blowing it out of proportion. 

Then, you will be DOING things that #StopAsianHate rather than “BEING” part of a moment.




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