Stop Wasting Time (and Money) With Your Marketing

 Have a listen to the #BuiltBy podcast with Matt Minor, which had OneLeg’s Mastermind, Vic Sun, on to discuss how OneLeg was built and why Canvassing Must Die as a marketing/lead gen tactic.

Wasteful marketing affects every part of your business.

From revenue to brand, poor marketing can be an expensive anchor that drags down every other part of your business. 

This week, I had the awesome opportunity to chat with Vic Sun, Founder at OneLeg, a home improvement marketing consulting agency that specializes in outside the toolbox thinking. 

In this episode, Matt and Vic discuss:

🚯 Vic’s mentality of cutting out wasteful marketing.   

🔬 His experiences consulting $50m+ home improvement companies across the country. 

🚪 Why Vic thinks it’s time for businesses to retire canvassing. 

🎉 How to create events that make homeowners come to you. 

🛠 How Vic would build a business up from the ground – and what technology is most important.  


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