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You purchase a new software that is promised to make your business run more smoothly and free up time for your employees. During the sales presentation, you’re shown amazing system capabilities that you didn’t know were possible. The day has arrived, and you finally have your system up and running. You’re able to navigate the system, but you can’t help but feel like you don’t know how to use all the tools you were given. What should you do now? On LeadPerfection, there are many features that are out-of-the-box that allow for daily workflow and lead interaction. What many owners do not realize is that, unlike most business software, LeadPerfection can be manipulated very easily to fit your company’s SPECIFIC workflow.

For example, are you using an outside system to keep track of anything post-sale? Creating customer records, reporting on campaigns, and tracking activities on leads is only the tip of the LeadPerfection iceberg. Even if you are using LeadPerfection for your texts and emails in addition to what we just mentioned, you’re still only utilizing less than 50% of your CRM. You can continue updating and following your Sale throughout the entire process by utilizing the Job Detail page.  

Once your lead has turned into a sale and the disposition is updated, you can now View Job under the Sales tab. You’ll notice the tab has turned blue on the Contact Detail menu. After you click “View Job”, you’ll be directed to the Job Detail page. Here is where you can keep track of your project timeline on the Milestone Grid, view financing information, view deposits/payments made, and more. It can even be used to calculate commissions for your sales team based on what is listed in the Job Cost tab.

Take a look at the Milestone Grid where it has estimated dates versus actual. If the actual milestones don’t match your company’s flow, then change it! Not only can you create multiple Milestone Grids that are viewed depending on User Profile, but you can also request to have the Milestones edited to fit your company’s workflow. Once estimated (or ideal) dates have passed, your team is notified of bottlenecks on the job. You can even run reports that show, on average, where jobs get held up the most.

For more information on how to best utilize LeadPerfection, listen to our “Demystifying Lead Perfection and Five9” podcast episodes on

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