OneLeg Targets Zero Marketing Wastage

Start-up agency will employ Artificial Intelligence and flat-rate, tiered pricing plans to provide world-class marketing and customer experience expertise

ANYWHERE, EARTH November 11, 2020—OneLeg today announced the launch of its business, which aims to provide clients with zero marketing waste by offering a budget-friendly pricing structure with simple, tiered sprint pricing that incorporates creativity, artificial intelligence and thoughtful automation. Thus, the new agency is set to upend traditional marketing agencies, and their offerings, to enable clients to evaluate their marketing, customer experience and technology programs much faster, and for less investment, than a traditional agency. 

OneLeg will modernize the creative and technology experience and make marketing more manageable, more efficient, more affordable and much more effective–thus significantly reducing wasted capital and resources. 

“John Wanamaker lamented that half of your advertising/marketing dollars are wasted…the problem is you don’t know which half,” observed Vic Sun, OneLeg’s Founder and Mastermind. “OneLeg challenges that dynamic by coupling advanced technologies with thoughtful, human expertise to make recommendations based not only on data science but also the craft and art of creative communicators.”

OneLeg will challenge and change the very nature and concept of an agency  

A paradigm shift within the consultancy industry and the way in which clients and agencies engage has been a long-time coming. Through its proprietary systems and processes–and a dynamic and diverse ecosystem of world-class creatives, technology and customer experience experts–OneLeg is built to address the scourge of marketing wastage. 

Consultancies and agencies have always been less than transparent in their business practices and pricing. OneLeg has established its business on three tenets: thoughtful automation and creativity, first class customer service; and transparent accountability.

The sweet spot for OneLeg clients is the careful balance between technological acumen and decades of human expertise the firm marshals to quickly mobilize and solve the most common marketing and technology challenges a growing business face.

OneLeg will ensure that everything is in service to help clients provide a better experience, service or product by providing creative ideas, technologies and customer experiences that are more efficient, entirely customer-centric and ultimately more commercially effective. 

To highlight its unique focus ontransparency and accountability, OneLeg will insist clients review the sprint team after every engagement and then post a review of their experience on social mediaand business platforms. This public display will lay bare for all to see just how good its services are. OneLeg will also democratize that process and clients will be reviewed in return. OneLeg believes this open, public disclosure will lead to decisions being made for the right reasons, in the right time frame, for the good of the project 

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About OneLeg

OneLeg was born of an industry that has prescribed a model destined to fail. We (the industry) brought all of this on ourselves and are victims of our own marketing and PR hubris. OneLeg believes poor marketing pollutes the planet and that business is full of tired, outdated, indistinct, unremarkable and underperforming marketing that sucks. But what sucks even more is that many companies have forgotten the most important thing of all: The customer.

We are on a mission, on behalf of our clients’ customers, to change that.


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