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Nearly every aspect of your contact center can be quantified–number of calls per hour, contact per hour, per day, conversions per minute. We can quantify a call center’s metrics by nearly infinite combinations of action/time metrics. We often see tools in Five9 misused or underutilized by our clients—only because they are not aware of the aspects/reports available by the platform out-of-the-box. Without a successful metric to track the success or failure of interactions, the system will be set to atrophy and fail. Companies must constantly be working to improve or at least assess the progress in the call center to improve. We have come up with many new ways to improve existing reports and use key metrics to better track client performance to improve their contact center’s connection rates.

When was the last report you innovated for your contact center?

Out-of-the-box, Five9 has many reports that can be helpful in creating KPI’s that show your teams’ abilities and where they can improve. The numbers don’t lie. There are key moments that add up in a day and it sounds crazy to notice them add up as quickly as they do. We had an instance where a client was not paying attention to time that agents spent previewing phone calls and writing notes after a phone call. The results were insane.

Clients were losing hours on the scale of one full-time caller a week.

In one instance, we created a report that quantified the amount of time agents spent before their calls. We learned that hours were spent waiting for the next call to come in. If an agent makes 120 calls in a day, maybe they average a contact rate of 10 calls an hour that answer the phone. It does not take three minutes to disposition a voicemail. Therefore, it’s absolutely crazy to see people off-ready and also spending up to an hour a day of time waiting for the next call or dispositioning the previous calls. When managing a call center, it wouldn’t be uncommon in a room of 10 callers to lose out on nearly 40 hours a week of time that callers spend waiting for the next call to happen.

How can we fix it?

For the client previously mentioned, we carefully crafted reports that worked to show how each caller could improve. We shared these reports with the call center manager to make the necessary changes to company policy, resulting in more calls per hour and as a result a call center showing more success. The numbers don’t lie. You are wasting time by NOT using the tools available through Five9, LeadPerfection, or any other software that tracks user data. It’s not uncommon to see our clients ignore or never use the different software to be able to better plan for the next performance review.

How can OneLeg help you improve your call center today?

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