In August 2021, not-for-profit RAISE Texas reached out to OneLeg Inc. and asked for a proposal to provide support in developing awareness for the Child Tax Credit through a (primarily) Facebook advertising campaign. Given the importance of the messaging in getting deserving families the support they need and our want to see things holistically, we proposed and they agreed to the following support ahead of a September 2021 launch: 

  • Development of a Facebook ad campaign (English and Spanish versions) to create visibility for the Child Tax Credit 
  • Advise on how to create some level of correlation/tracking around engagement 
  • Write and distribute a press release to raise awareness for the  campaign and the grant from Chase Bank
  • Create a number of ads to A/B Test visuals and messaging as well as develop a media advisory and pitch to accompany the press release with the intention of securing some supporting media interviews for the September 1, 2021 campaign launch. 


We developed ads meant to show there was a diversity to the families that might not be getting the full benefit of the Child Tax Credit. We also intentionally wanted to show families that were relatable to our target audience. 

We created a simple landing page (in English and Spanish) from which to drive ad traffic. As part of this landing page, we also created an FAQ in both English and Spanish. From our landing page, families are able to connect directly via phone with RAISE Texas partners who can help navigate and file the appropriate IRS forms. 

To supplement our advertising efforts, we also developed a suite of Facebook posts, which were designed to position RAISE Texas as an organization leading the charge in Texas to help get families assistance, as well as tell impactful stories of those families who have received assistance from the Child Tax Credit. 


We launched our initial campaign on September 1, 2021, activating three ad sets (two ads each) to test engagement of a variety of visuals and messaging, and distributed our press release and media pitch. Subsequently, we made refinements to the campaign targeting and ads to reflect the findings of our A/B Test and then set about driving awareness.

In the first two weeks of our campaign, we netted the following: 

  • Three media mentions of our launch and website to help families, the most prominent of which was a Fox 26 (Houston) news story:
  • Our Facebook ads have reached more than 175,000 people in Texas and garnered 2300+ clicks, which has resulted in more than 3,500 landing page views
  • Most importantly, we have seen 400+ clicks on our primary call to action, which is to click a button to automatically call RAISE Texas for assistance. It is estimated that 18-21 percent of those who call qualify for assistance and at an average of $2600 per instance means that $187,000 – $218,000 returned to the community (on a $15K investment)

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