Our Mission

Rid clients of marketing waste by providing thoughtful automation and creativity; first-class customer service; and transparent accountability.

Our Values

Clever is simple. Stupid is complicated.

Embody Omotenashi.

Respect everyone's time.

Never let being efficient get in the way of being effective.

We put our names to everything we do.

Vic Sun

15+ years of experience

Contact Vic when you want to talk about new ideas…for anything, or need to optimize your tech stack.

Brett Shupe
Workforce of the Future Director

10+ years of experience

Reach out to Brett when you want to discuss why and how people make the decisions they do, or how companies can better align their recruiting with their culture.

Paige Comer
Creative Marketing Alchemist

4+ years of experience

DM Paige when you want to check out a new happy hour spot, or learn how to creatively optimize your marketing strategies!

Mariano Herrera
Creative Marketing Alchemist

10+ years of experience

Call Mana, when you want to learn how to play guitar, or break the boundaries of design and create something that really packs a punch

Steven White
Steven White
Technology Alchemist
10+ years of experience Speak to Steven if you want to learn optimal strategies for board games as well as some of the most efficient ways to manage a call center.
BM BaW (1)
Benjie Malinao Full Stack Developer
10+ years of experience Benjie is just the person to speak to if you want to understand the psychology of personality development and growth marketing.
MicrosoftTeams-image (10) (1)
KC Urias Technology Alchemist
12+ years of experience
Strike up a conversation with KC if you want to know anything about wildlife and ecology or putting chatbots to work for your business.

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