Lead Perfection Integration


Lead Perfection is one of the top CRMs used in the Home Improvement industry, and you’ve found the experts! Our tech team provides Lead Perfection services that can’t be found anywhere else including pre-sale and post-sale customization, and API movement to and from outside software. Whether you are just getting started migrating into Lead Perfection or you’re looking for full software utilization, we can help you get there.  

CRM Migration

Put the best leads in front of your call centerMoving over client/employee information to Lead Perfection; Importing Leads; Importing Sales 

Process Optimization

Improving upon and utilizing all that Lead Perfection has to offer; Matching your Lead Perfection to company work flow 

Connecting External Software

API Push retrieval; Webhook connections; Zappier/Pabbly custom information retrieval; Webform and Social Media data retrieval 

Internal Team Training

Post-CRM implementation training for Senior Management and teams that will need to adjust their current processes 

Continued Technical Support

New software/system adaption; troubleshooting 

Customer Touchpoints and Strategic Script Creation

Templates that can easily be sent from your internal team as texts/emails with custom client information; Customer engagement AB testing 

What Can OneLeg Cusomize?

Front End Lead Perfection (Pre-sale)– Out of the Box Alterations

Front End Lead Perfection (Pre-sale)– Out of the Box Alterations 

  • Lead/Appointment Screen (Fields that are displayed, alterations of drop-down lists…etc.) 
  • User Access/User Profiles (Viewable vs. editable data by employee profile type, User Profile creation…etc.) 
  • Marketing Campaign Organization (Source and Source sub creation/structuring) 
  • Report Scheduling (Daily, weekly, and monthly reports automatically sent to internal team) 
  • Property Info Script Sync (Alteration of Attributes to match call center/sales script) 
  • Dialer/IVR Syncing (Connecting call results to Lead Perfection) 


Front End Lead Perfection (Post-sale) – Full Customization 

  • Sub Table Creation (Dynamic fields added to Prospect and Lead Screen in designated section) 
  • Triggered Email and Text Message Creation (Sent when dispositions are changed automatically) 


Back End Lead Perfection (Pre-sale) – Out of the Box Alterations 

  • Milestone Grid Alteration (Matching milestones to your company’s sale flow, creating department specific flows) 
  • Notifications When Milestones are Met (keeping the team on track when milestones are past due or ready to begin) 

Back End Lead Perfection (Post-sale) – Full Customization 

  • Document Sync S3 (Connecting filled post-sale documents on corresponding lead from Amazon S3 account) 
  • Sub Table Creation (Dynamic fields added to Job Detail screen) 

What Have We Done for Other Clients?

  • Five9 call detail connection to Lead Perfection 
  • Chat bot sending lead information to Lead Perfection front end 
  • Pen + paper to digital documentation 
  • Custom Lead Perfection reporting 
  • Custom Milestone Grid alteration 
  • Custom Sub Table Creation 
  • Internal Team System Training 
  • Lead Screen Customization 
  • Email and Text Script Writing and Programming (Client Touchpoints) 

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