In 2021, OneLeg was approached by a group of colleagues who wanted to start a home improvement company. After working in various capacities within the industry, they believed that they had a different approach to working with customers and the experience they wanted the customers to have. Hence, they planned to launch a new company called Golden State Remodeling (GSR), with a goal of being financially stable and producing at least $1MM in revenue in its first year.
Their request of OneLeg was to help them develop their brand and help them set-up their company with the basics (a website, social media presence, CRM, and ways of working) given our background and experience.

APPROACH (Branding)

OneLeg immediately set about reviewing the principals, asking a variety of questions, and researching what the competitive landscaped looked like in S. California so that we could positioning GSR differently.

OneLeg first put the GSR team through our brand discovery and creation process, which provides us an opportunity to understand the vision and values of the company, as well as how they want to be thought of and engaged by the market.

While enlightening, what OneLeg ultimately found was that despite having a novel approach to customer experience, GSR were likely going to look and sound like other home remodeling and construction companies in the market.

Approach (Branding cont.)

To help GSR uniquely position itself in the market, we recommended they forego the name Golden State Remodeling and instead adopt Modern and Optimally Designed Environments, or MODE for short. We were also able to fully capture the principal’s personal ethos and translate that into a set of values and a culture for the company to base, and launch, its new business.


While MODE is still only in its first year of business, it has executed two quarters successfully. In their first six months of business, OneLeg has helped MODE successfully forge a partnership with a leading one-day bath company, we have guided them through the implementation of their initial website and Lead Perfection instance, as well as provided advice on everyday operational issues from cashflow management to social media engagement.

OneLeg has also streamlined MODE’s sales and marketing efforts through development of automated communications with customers, and virtual sales support assistance such as call center agents and Lead Perfection management.

Since October 2021, OneLeg has helped MODE secure more than 70 jobs with revenue exceeding $1 Million in their first nine months of business, $800K of which is just in the first six months of 2022.


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